Codes & Testing :: Noise Isolation Class (NIC)

Test: NIC is a method for rating a partition's ability to block airborne noise transfer.

Related Code: UBC/IBC and STC

General Information: Similar to a field STC test, NIC is often specified on certain projects (such as spaces with operable walls, hotels, education facilities). For a field STC test, the individual transmission loss measurements are modified based on the reverberation time, the size of the room and the size of the test partition. The NIC does not include these modifications and simply measures he Transmission Loss between 125 and 4,000Hz.

Strength: Tests the isolation performance of the assembly in the field. It is good to include an NIC performance requirement within your spec for operable and demountable walls.

Weakness: The NIC rating is highly dependent on the field conditions of the tested space. Because of this, the tested rating might not be achieved in other spaces or projects.

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