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Goal: To create an environment suitable for dining and conversation, taking into consideration the impact on the surrounding community and the possibility of exposing diners and employees to loud external noise sources (such as a nearby road or airport).

  • Tips/Considerations
    • To protect diners from noise generated outside of the seating area, a barrier might be necessary. However, often times, barriers might not be logistically feasible or effective enough (depending upon the noise source). If you cannot adequately block exterior noise, consider masking the noise. Many projects have successfully mitigated the issue through a sound masking system (sometimes as simple as a water fountain).
    • The desired level of noise reduction to the surrounding community will depend upon your local noise ordinance. Contact your local government for more information, or contact us at
    • Depending on the type of restaurant in question, the patio can range from relatively quiet to boisterous (for example, a bar or nightclub patio). Sometimes it is difficult to protect nearby residences, hotels and/or businesses once the patio is established. In order to alleviate potential noise problems, be sure to choose the location of the patio carefully, keeping in mind the location and proximity of surrounding establishments and buildings. If the location is already established, you can try to create a barrier such as a wall enclosure. The barrier will not be effective unless it at least blocks the line of sight.
    • Vegetation and landscaping provide very little, if any, noise reduction.

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