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Goal: To minimize distractions from kitchen noise, outdoor noise and noise from nearby conversations to create a comfortable and safe environment for diners and employees.

  • Tips/Considerations
    • Because of the size of the space and the materials typically used, a restaurant can become very reverberant, causing a tremendous build-up of noise. Absorptive materials are needed to help control this reverberation. Even if the restaurant is carpeted, keep in mind that carpet is only about 20-35% absorptive. Ceiling and/or wall treatments are necessary.
    • The amount of absorption needed will depend on the type of environment you want to create. Some restaurants are designed for a live, active, noisy feel, while others are designed to provide a quite, intimate experience. Be sure to understand your client's specific expectations.
    • Although acoustical wall treatments can help, or might be necessary for some restaurants, the majority of the noise is often controlled through the ceiling treatment. Thanks to the large array of available product offerings, you can achieve virtually any look with ceiling treatments (including metal, wood, plaster, etc…).
    • Even if your client is not concerned with the level of noise and/or wants a noisy, active space, the concern must shift to the safety of the employees. Many restaurants and bars are currently in violation of OSHA, which at the very least, could result in a fine, if not a lawsuit.

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