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Welcome to Acoustics.com

Architects and Interior designers have a responsibility to design functional and safe environments. It is very difficult, if not impossible to meet these goals without considering acoustics. Acoustics is essential to the functioning of almost every type of environment, from open offices to worship centers.

Use Acoustics.com to make sure that your next project is designed responsibly.

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We support and facilitate the integration of practical knowledge, smart design and innovative thinking and provide an essential online tool for acoustic related information and education.

Project Design

Acoustics.com makes it easy to address acoustic concerns in the design phase. We’ve compiled case studies and recommendations to help ensure an acoustically sound space.

Project Remedies

If acoustic issues are not addressed in the design phase, they usually surface (unpleasantly) after construction is complete.


All responsible design professionals are expected to continue their education in various areas of design throughout their career.

Health & Safety

Responsible designers recognize and embrace the important relationship between acoustics and health and safety.


Avoid the sea of confusing information on industry codes and testing standards. Acoustics.com has compiled simplified, straightforward explanations, enabling you to ensure compliance and reduce your liability risks.


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