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Acoustics 101

All responsible design professionals are expected to continue their education in various areas of design throughout their career. offers dynamic, fast-paced CEUs and tutorials packed with practical information that will truly add to your skill-set. If you are an architecture or design student, is an excellent resource for research and support. Our experts have helped hundreds of students in every part of the globe with acoustic-related questions and projects. Check out the Acoustics 101 section to learn more about acoustics. Don’t forget to bookmark for quick access to our constantly updated, informative site… Discover (and embrace) your advantage in design.


AcoustiCare Scholarship Fund

Education :: AcoustiCare Scholarship Fund The team is dedicated to promoting the importance of acoustics to architects, designers and all other professionals involved

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Education :: Bookstore, through, offers you a full-service bookstore. Order textbooks or reference materials online, anytime. Visit

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Student Resources

Education :: Student Resources There’s no question… the designers, architects and engineers of tomorrow need to be prepared for the challenges they will

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Episode 2: Invoicing 101

Continuing Education Units

Education :: CSUs Design professionals in need of continuing their education can complete online tutorials or online CEUs (Continuing Education Units) at

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Acoustics 101

Education :: Acoustics 101 Four acoustic terms you need to be familiar with: Reverberation Reflections Absorption - Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Isolation – Sound Transmission

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